Understanding Israeli Culture

Understand Israeli Culture

 For thousands and thousands of years man has labored to understand man and his behavior.  Theories and ideas have come and gone, some under the name of philosophy and others under psychology.

Aliyah! Aliyah! is not in the position, nor do we have the understanding to explain Israeli behavior in its entirety, but rather we only want to help explain the culture on a surface level and, if possible the mindset.

With this knowledge and a positive attitude you will be able to forge your way through life in Israel leaving behind happy people and positive experiences and making the world a better place.

There is more on the agenda of Israeli culture, however our Handy Head Covering Chart (below) will be useful in understanding the basic structure and disposition of most of the people.  Kinda.

(Please understand that the complexity of people makes it very difficult to make blanket statements, and making the subject matter a little harder to explain.  Our explanations apply to the majority of people within a sector, but they could never include everyone.)