All for the Best!

A Perspective for Success

glassYour aliyah experience, as well as life in general, could be wildly different depending on your perspective.  The quintessential example is the half filled glass, which defines whether one is an optimist or a pessimist.

Understanding the proper perspective is one thing, however living the perspective might require some effort – but it will be worth it  – guaranteed!

Here are the fine points to inculcate into your life:

  • G-d exist, is intrinsically good and only does good for His people.
  • G-d is very intimately involved in your life.
  • Everything that happens in life is for the best.
  • Things that are perceived as “bad“, are actually good and that the “good” has not yet been realized or noticed.
  • You should always have gratitude for all the good that G-d does for you, from giving you another day, complete with food, clothes and a place to live to the effects of gravity – and beyond.
  • Your gratitude is best when expressed verbally and throughout the day.

An excellent project in gratitude awareness is to keep a “Gratitude Journal” and, every day jot down 10, 15 or even 20 new things to be grateful for.

The Garden of Gratitude

The Garden of Gratitude

The Garden of Gratitude is an excellent guide book on developing a healthy perspective through gratitude.

The ideas and tactics presented are simple, pleasant and beautiful, and they make a lot of sense too!   The  approach to a life with gratitude is novel, but yet so basic, and so rewarding – for you and for those around you.

This book, and the other “Garden” books are wildly popular and known for their life/perspective changing potential.