Shipping to Israel

To Take, or Not to Take? That is the Question

Aliyah Lift ShippingAlmost all olim (and returning Israelis) will arrange a shipment when they make their move to Israel.  

This idea has been in place since the exodus from Egypt over 3300 years ago, when each family took with them their herds and only what they could carry.   


Why do we burden ourselves with the many details of shipping while preparing for this huge, life enhancing experience called aliyah?

The answer is simple.

You have very meaningful items that cannot be left behind

You can afford to arrange a shipment

It is import that your family have the comforts of home with them, providing a necessary continuity.

The cost of shipping outweighs the cost of buying new in Israel

The list can go on, and each person can add their own reasons to the list.  The point is, shipping is  part of the aliyah experience and Aliyah Lift Shipping is there to help you with shipping, from the beginning to the end.

What people are saying about
Aliyah Lift Shipping

Our experiences with Aliyah Lift Shipping have been by far the most pleasant in all our Aliyah-related dealings.   Quotes are clear and transparent.  Rates are competitive.


Thank you again for the pleasant experience, your helpfulness, competence, flexibility and efficiency…


Thanks again for your smiling, responsible, dignified and compassionate manner of handling our shipping.

Yehudis Tsfat

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help throughout our aliyah. I cannot even express how happy we were with every aspect of the lift.

AdamRamat Beit Shemesh

Not only did Aliyah Lift make it easier for us to relocate things that were special to us, but they made us feel like we were special and important to them in the process.


Aliyah Lift Shipping made a frustrating and scary part of making aliyah absolutely easy!


What Type of Shipment Do You Need?

Review the three types of shipments listed below to determine which one you need.  Include this information in the Describe Shipment area below when requesting a quote.

Shipping Options

Aliyah Lift Shipping provides a variety of shipping options and can make a custom shipping plan to your needs.  Take a moment and explore the following options to determine what is best for you:

  • Super Small Shipment
  • Partial Shipment
  • Container Shipment

Remember, if anything is confusing, just send an email with your questions and Aliyah Lift Shipping will be in contact with all your answers.  

Ignorance is not bliss.

Partial Shipment

Partial Shipments (or consolidated shipment) are ideal for small to large, and even very large shipments.

The Partial Shipment is based on gross volume and weight is irrelevant.   The most popular Partial Shipment is door-to-door, which includes full-service packing and delivery in Israel.  You also receive 30 days free storage on both sides of the ocean.

Most, but not all, Partial Shipments start at 200 cubic feet and since people visualize volume differently, so here are a number of ways of understanding what 200 cubic feet is like :

  • Volume : 200 cubic feet
  • Measurement  : 4′ x 7′ x 7′
  • Box Count : 50 medium boxes or 120 small/book boxes
  • Visual : 2 loveseats and two standard ovens or 9 standard bookcases

If you feel a Partial Shipment is the right shipment for you, complete the Request a Quote form above and you will be contacted in a day or so to discuss your shipment in detail, and to answer any questions.

Container Shipment

Container shipments are an ideal way to move all your comforts of home to Israel, quickly and economically.  Pricing is based per container and weight is only relevant for packing and loading (in some locations).  If you are on a tight budget, you can pack and load your own container.

A 20′ Container holds about 1000 cubic feet and a 40′ Container holds about 2000 cubic feet.  Their measurements and capacities are approximately:

  • 20′ Container : 8′ x 8′ x 20′ and will hold the contents of a 2-3 bedroom home
  • 40′ Container : 8′ x 8′ x 40′ and will hold the contents of a 3-5 bedroom home

There is a significant amount of flexibility in timing your packing/loading date so that you get the date you want without any extra costs/charges, however in Israel you get only 2 days of free storage, so you should anticipate paying about $150 in storage.

Super Small Shipment

The Super Small Shipment is right solution when shipping UPS is too costly and if you can pick the shipment up at the port in Ashdod.  The ideal Super Small Shipment scenario is 1) best for locations on the interior of the country and 2) a small amount of non-fragile items.

This shipment is based on gross volume and box count/size is largely irrelevant and weight has a little impact.

We understand that people visualize volume differently, so here are a number of ways of understanding the volume:

  • Volume : 35 to 70 cubic feet
  • Measurements 35 Cubic Feet : about 3′ x 3′ x 4′
  • Measurements 35 Cubic Feet : about 3′ x 3′ x 8′
  • Box Count 35 cubic feet : 20 small/book boxes
  • Box Count 70 cubic feet : 20 medium boxes
  • Visual 35 Cubic Feet : the size of one standard oven
  • Visual 70 Cubic Feet : the size of a two standard ovens

If you feel the Super Small Shipment is the right shipment for you, complete the Request a Quote form above and a quote will be sent to you in a day or so.

Overview of the Shipping Process

There are many different variable involved in shipping, so it can get pretty confusing using a “one size fits all” approach when describing the shipping process.   The information provided below is based on the most common manner of shipping.

If you have unique needs, like extended storage or specialty crating, please include this information in the Describe Shipment area above when requesting a quote.   The more information you provide, the better.