Max Flex (short for Maximum Flexibility)

Just as I had hoped and suspected, the nature and function of Aliyah! Aliyah! will take shape over time (keeping within the stated goals, of course), responding to the needs as they present themselves.  Additionally, I am hoping that quality solutions will present themselves over the course of time.

Recently an opportunity came to us.  An industrious oleh is launching  a business, but they, like most people, do not have a background in website development – so we stepped up to help.

For this client we will procure the domain name, host it and put together a few pages with a totally awesome WordPress theme, train them so they can be self sufficient on maintaining their site and provide other social marketing tips as well.  The cost for this is only $100.

Now I know that establishing yourself on the web isn’t a going to feed the family, but with good skills and plenty of tenacity, it can provide a backdrop of credibility and dazzling advertising.

I leave you with this semi-tangential marketing thought > On Rosh HaShannah there are three different sounds made by blowing the shofar – a long blast, medium bursts and short toots.

The same approach can be used in marketing.  The long blast is like the website with long-lasting fixed information, the medium bursts are like blog posts with occasional chunks of information being broadcast, and Facebook is like the short toots – an constant bombardment of information.

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