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Mazal Tov and hatzlacha to Moshe Docks – the Kosher Fresh Chef!

Last night, just after 2 am, the baton of website custody/maintenance was passed from Aliyah! Aliyah! to the Kosher Fresh Chef, and today it was launched.

The project started from scratch and within a month or so Mr. Docks got a really fancy website (IMHO) and learned the basics of maintaining his website.  The interactive, hands-on development of his website allows him the ability to keep future costs of maintenance to a minimum.  That is a win-win situation.  (Although the baton has been passed, we are still available to help in the future.)

Take a look at this beauty > Kosher Fresh Chef, and if you are in the Maale Adumim area, you’re fortunate enough to enjoy his cooking.



Max Flex (short for Maximum Flexibility)

Just as I had hoped and suspected, the nature and function of Aliyah! Aliyah! will take shape over time (keeping within the stated goals, of course), responding to the needs as they present themselves.  Additionally, I am hoping that quality solutions will present themselves over the course of time.

Recently an opportunity came to us.  An industrious oleh is launching  a business, but they, like most people, do not have a background in website development – so we stepped up to help.

For this client we will procure the domain name, host it and put together a few pages with a totally awesome WordPress theme, train them so they can be self sufficient on maintaining their site and provide other social marketing tips as well.  The cost for this is only $100.

Now I know that establishing yourself on the web isn’t a going to feed the family, but with good skills and plenty of tenacity, it can provide a backdrop of credibility and dazzling advertising.

I leave you with this semi-tangential marketing thought > On Rosh HaShannah there are three different sounds made by blowing the shofar – a long blast, medium bursts and short toots.

The same approach can be used in marketing.  The long blast is like the website with long-lasting fixed information, the medium bursts are like blog posts with occasional chunks of information being broadcast, and Facebook is like the short toots – an constant bombardment of information.

A Matter of Opinion?


I was thinking earlier today about the different points of perspective an issue can have, and when it gets to human behavior – it is rarely black-and-white.

For me, the most interesting and thought provoking look at personal behavior came from a high school girl in our first year of making aliyah, and the idea was about “personal directness”.

People commonly criticize Israelis as lacking social delicateness (perhaps you can suggest a better phrase), however the flip side of the coin is that, according to this girl, Anglos can be/are “two-faced” – saying one thing but meaning another.

Whether you agree or disagree, accept or disregard, it is an interesting commentary, and quite Israeli in nature.

(The picture of the kitty is to sweeten the harsh reality of this perception.)


Honey Badger Hebrew 101

Ani! Ata! Ani! Ata!

Ani! Ata! Ani! Ata!

It is settled.  I have decided that after 4+ years of living in Israel that I am going to make an effort to learn Hebrew.

I’ve been to a little ulpan here and there, bought books and software, have heard the techniques of others, but I am blazing a new path, my own path, and….maybe it will be successful.  

What prompted this?  Why, after years of “caveman Hebrew” should I change?

I have to give the credit to Zahi Amor, my always helpful, wise and insightful friend and computer man.  I don’t recall what he said, but it planted this plan-of-action in my noodle, and I am grateful. (Thank you to all the others who nudged me to learn, but I guess the time wasn’t right yet.)

My philosophy on learning Hebrew is based on the famous Honey Badger – just get in there and do it, plow forward and don’t worry about looking stupid , setbacks or bee stings.  (I have found that living in Israel for four years with being able to hold a basic conversation looks plenty stupid already – it really can’t get worse.)


First lesson from the Honey Badger – don’t give up!

I am not sure if the approach has been used before, but after much thinking (read “stalling”), it seems to make perfect sense.  I will learn Hebrew like a child would as it develops.   Little children have basic, unsophisticated lives based on needs, wants, coming, going, etc, and an ever expanding vocabulary based on experiences.

Additionally, I am totally scrapping the ever-intimidating, and totally bogging, gender issues – it’s masculine all the way (for now).   We can sort out the fine points of gender, past/present/future along with all the other nit-picky dik-duk rules later.

Additionally, I am going to document the lessons/process and provide it for others to learn from – assuming it’s successful.  (Any tips on a good format?)  It’s not going to be fancy or sophisticated, no special software or sound clips – just straight forward Honey Badger Hebrew, starting ach’shaaaaaavvvvvvvv!


Hey! What’s going on?

Ma'alot Israel

Who doesn’t want to live here?

I have found that if you don’t jump in the water, then you will never get anywhere (assuming you need to go some place that requires travel by swimming) and nothing will be accomplished.

Aliyah! Aliyah! has been a thought for some time, but we are going forward with it now.  I do not know what will become of it, whether people will benefit or not, but what I do know, is that I have to do something.

A lot of good people have volunteered to help, so the support and assistance is in place.  I think there is a need, and I think there is potential.

Your assistance in propagating our site and name, along with the understanding that it is not yet complete (actually only barely started at the time of this writing) can help others it their noble and heroic endeavour of making aliyah.

So, what is it all about anyway?

The ultimate goal is to help olim in their aliyah by providing information, assistance, encouragement and inspiration.  To fill in the gaps of where other organizations leave off, and to  promote the spiritual aspect of aliyah as an integral part of the process.

The website is being built over time.  Links will be filled in with information and it’s shape, focus and popularity should be, G-d willing, in full swing by 2014.