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Small Business Internet Kick Start

Mazal Tov and hatzlacha to Moshe Docks – the Kosher Fresh Chef! Last night, just after 2 am, the baton of website custody/maintenance was passed from Aliyah! Aliyah! to the Kosher Fresh Chef, and today it was launched. The project started from scratch and within a month or so Mr. Docks got a really fancy […]

Max Flex (short for Maximum Flexibility)

Just as I had hoped and suspected, the nature and function of Aliyah! Aliyah! will take shape over time (keeping within the stated goals, of course), responding to the needs as they present themselves.  Additionally, I am hoping that quality solutions will present themselves over the course of time. Recently an opportunity came to us. […]

A Matter of Opinion?

WARNING : SHORT BLOG POST I was thinking earlier today about the different points of perspective an issue can have, and when it gets to human behavior – it is rarely black-and-white. For me, the most interesting and thought provoking look at personal behavior came from a high school girl in our first year of […]

Honey Badger Hebrew 101

It is settled.  I have decided that after 4+ years of living in Israel that I am going to make an effort to learn Hebrew. I’ve been to a little ulpan here and there, bought books and software, have heard the techniques of others, but I am blazing a new path, my own path, and….maybe […]

Hey! What’s going on?

I have found that if you don’t jump in the water, then you will never get anywhere (assuming you need to go some place that requires travel by swimming) and nothing will be accomplished. Aliyah! Aliyah! has been a thought for some time, but we are going forward with it now.  I do not know […]