Learn Hebrew First

A Great Reason to Learn Hebrew ASAP

Learning Hebrew and its benefits can be very crucial to the success of an aliyah.   Ideally, one should start learning Hebrew a year or more before making aliyah through any system possible.  In fact, this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for a successful aliyah.

Why, what’s the rush?

Consider a typical family of four making aliyah in the summer. Their first one to two months are spent on vacation, so to speak, getting adjusted, exploring the land – near and far, and enjoying their new home and having quality family time.

Ulpan for the adults starts in the fall, around the same time kids start school, and ends about 6 months later, around March. During that period the focus is on getting adjusted and leaning Hebrew and not job hunting or employment, resulting in a spending spree of about $10,000 to $15,000 – without any incoming funds!


The Bombshell Question

If the previous ideas are not compelling enough to prompt you to start learning Hebrew almost immediately, consider what a family aliyah entails.

A typical family of olim sell their house and car(s), quit their job(s), remove children from their schools and friend groups, not to mention the expense of shipping, or the hours of preparation in order to provide a new life for their family.   This move is not intended to be a temporary move, but rather for the generations to follow.

An aliyah could last a life time or it could last a couple years and the level of Hebrew achieved upon arrival may be a large determining factor.

After all you are doing to make aliyah, don’t you think you owe it to yourself, and to your family, to maximize your potential of success and start getting a head start learning Hebrew before your aliyah date?

(Our goal is not to scare, but only to raise the level of importance of this most crucial aspect of making aliyah.)

Welcome to Honey Badger Hebrew

The Fearless Honey Badger

The goal of Honey Badger Hebrew is to learn Hebrew through language acquisition – like a child learns, and at your own speed.

Ideally, you should endeavor to learn a new word or a two new words every day and to practice them continually.  This way you will gain knowledge and comfort with the language.   Simply say the words over and over and do the exercises at the bottom of each slideshow frame.

Over a few months you will have built up a good, solid and functional vocabulary along with a firm grasp on the skills needed in saying many, many simple sentences.   These building blocks will actually helping you get your needs met out and about town, while establishing a solid footing for more advance Hebrew lessons.

If you are making aliyah, please stay with this program (or find other learning programs) and grow along with it.  Israelis don’t really care if you know how to speak correctly, but they do appreciate your effort and commitment.

Remember, if you grab a hold of a little you will be successful.  

Roll up your sleeves and get started!


Lingua.ly is an app that helps you learn Hebrew while you use the internet.

The system is really unique and the best way to learn more is by going to their website > http://lingua.ly/ or by watching the video.