Inspirational Media

The Times are a Changin’

Inspirational information can open minds, expand horizons and change paradigms.   It shows you life outside the box and beyond the peripheral.  It can plant seeds and ideas which can grow into a happier and more meaningful life.

The internet is bulging with information and some of it is really, really good.  Below you will find a number of videos/images that we think are very powerful and definitely worth the time to watch them.

Hopefully you will gain from them and will consider the ideas presented.

What do you love to do that you can do in Israel and make money from it?  If not immediately, what about some time down the road?

This is one of the most amazing and breathtaking shorts available.  See what kind words can do?  It is amazing – and it is 100% true too!

Why is empathy different then sympathy?   Further, why is that even an important question?

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