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Aliyah Tips for a Smoother Transition

Aliyah Tips have proven their popularity over the last few year by helping olim understand the little (and sometimes big) nuances of living in Israel.

Our Aliyah Tips are short and concise, requiring only a minute to read.  They are sent out almost every day and are on a continually rotating basis.  It is  a good idea to save your Aliyah Tips in a special email folder for future reference.

Aliyah Tips cover everything from protecting yourself when moving into your new home to great places to visit on a day trip.

Here is a sample Aliyah Tip that is very important:

2 Emergency numbers AA

If there is something that you want to know more about, or if you have some really great information you want to share, please send it along using the form to the right.

Aliyah Tips are all about making the journey a little easier.

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