About Our Name

Where Does Our Name Come From?

We think that is a fair question, and it deserve a good answer.

Our name, Aliyah! Aliyah!, comes from the deep and passionate feelings causing one to disregard what is simple and proven – living in the US/Canada, and cleave to that which is truly real – life in Israel.

Perhaps the following story will help explain this idea.

Avraham! Avraham!

In our sifrei kodesh (holy books) we learn that Avraham our father, looked around the world and discovered there was an Original Creator of the world, and that the idols of the day – being only wood and stone, had no intrinsic spiritual value. With a yearning heart and a keen eye, Avraham actually was able to “reverse engineer” the Torah, developing and understanding of the mitzvot,  and actually observed the Torah in his time.

Later in life G-d commanded Avraham to sacrifice Yitzhak, his beloved son. Since Avraham understood the spiritual purposes of sacrifices this command made no sense at all. In fact, Avraham wondered if he was completely wrong in his assessment.

His doubts did not deter him from completely his mission and the following morning Avraham and Yitzhak set out to find the “place” for this sacrifice. The place was found, and everything  was prepared and Avraham was ready to fulfil his duty and an angel called out, “Avraham! Avraham!” stopping him at the last second.

That pivotal moment was the completion of the last test and sealed Avrham as a faithful servant of G-d, and his family has grown for the next 3700 years, until today.

aliyahmiamiAliyah! Aliyah!

Olim are much like Avraham. They look around their world and determine what is real and G-dly, and what is wood and stone – idols (items) that can never save them. They throw reason and logic to the wind and follow the yearnings of their souls, leaving behind the ‘path of least resistance’, with two cars in the driveway.

Their aliyah is a sacrifice, and their resolute and holy efforts are beyond philosophical reasoning.

Just as Avraham, Yitzhak and the soon to follow family, rose is spiritual heights, and so to, do the olim when they make aliyah to Israel!