About Us

Focus and Goals

Aliyah! Aliyah! is a flexible organization, designed to be small, nimble and able to respond and react where needed.  Our modus operandi  is a goal-oriented focus and commitment to the success of olim, fueled by volunteerism, raw talent and desire, on a foundation of honesty and frankness.

Our core body of volunteers are skilled, dynamic people, each having their own talents or business / life forte along with a passion to see olim succeed.  

Our goals are to provide real information and real solutions for your super important, life enriching move.  For example :

Promote a planned and a fully-prepared aliyah experience for maximum success, longevity and enjoyment

Provide view, vision and an understanding of life in Israel – including its unique cultural dynamics

To infuse and enhance the aliyah experience with practical spirituality and a healthy perspective

To provide information, guidance and assistance to crucial, underdeveloped areas of the aliyah experience

The challenges that olim meet during their initial year(s) can be daunting – Aliyah! Aliyah! is here to help.

Yitzhak Sasson

Yitzhak Sasson


Yitzhak founded Aliyah! Aliyah! based on a response to olim (previous customers of Aliyah Lift Shipping) returning back to the US, for one reason or another.