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Mazal Tov and hatzlacha to Moshe Docks – the Kosher Fresh Chef!

Last night, just after 2 am, the baton of website custody/maintenance was passed from Aliyah! Aliyah! to the Kosher Fresh Chef, and today it was launched.

The project started from scratch and within a month or so Mr. Docks got a really fancy website (IMHO) and learned the basics of maintaining his website.  The interactive, hands-on development of his website allows him the ability to keep future costs of maintenance to a minimum.  That is a win-win situation.  (Although the baton has been passed, we are still available to help in the future.)

Take a look at this beauty > Kosher Fresh Chef, and if you are in the Maale Adumim area, you’re fortunate enough to enjoy his cooking.