Honey Badger Hebrew 101

Ani! Ata! Ani! Ata!

Ani! Ata! Ani! Ata!

It is settled.  I have decided that after 4+ years of living in Israel that I am going to make an effort to learn Hebrew.

I’ve been to a little ulpan here and there, bought books and software, have heard the techniques of others, but I am blazing a new path, my own path, and….maybe it will be successful.  

What prompted this?  Why, after years of “caveman Hebrew” should I change?

I have to give the credit to Zahi Amor, my always helpful, wise and insightful friend and computer man.  I don’t recall what he said, but it planted this plan-of-action in my noodle, and I am grateful. (Thank you to all the others who nudged me to learn, but I guess the time wasn’t right yet.)

My philosophy on learning Hebrew is based on the famous Honey Badger – just get in there and do it, plow forward and don’t worry about looking stupid , setbacks or bee stings.  (I have found that living in Israel for four years with being able to hold a basic conversation looks plenty stupid already – it really can’t get worse.)


First lesson from the Honey Badger – don’t give up!

I am not sure if the approach has been used before, but after much thinking (read “stalling”), it seems to make perfect sense.  I will learn Hebrew like a child would as it develops.   Little children have basic, unsophisticated lives based on needs, wants, coming, going, etc, and an ever expanding vocabulary based on experiences.

Additionally, I am totally scrapping the ever-intimidating, and totally bogging, gender issues – it’s masculine all the way (for now).   We can sort out the fine points of gender, past/present/future along with all the other nit-picky dik-duk rules later.

Additionally, I am going to document the lessons/process and provide it for others to learn from – assuming it’s successful.  (Any tips on a good format?)  It’s not going to be fancy or sophisticated, no special software or sound clips – just straight forward Honey Badger Hebrew, starting ach’shaaaaaavvvvvvvv!