Hey! What’s going on?

Ma'alot Israel

Who doesn’t want to live here?

I have found that if you don’t jump in the water, then you will never get anywhere (assuming you need to go some place that requires travel by swimming) and nothing will be accomplished.

Aliyah! Aliyah! has been a thought for some time, but we are going forward with it now.  I do not know what will become of it, whether people will benefit or not, but what I do know, is that I have to do something.

A lot of good people have volunteered to help, so the support and assistance is in place.  I think there is a need, and I think there is potential.

Your assistance in propagating our site and name, along with the understanding that it is not yet complete (actually only barely started at the time of this writing) can help others it their noble and heroic endeavour of making aliyah.

So, what is it all about anyway?

The ultimate goal is to help olim in their aliyah by providing information, assistance, encouragement and inspiration.  To fill in the gaps of where other organizations leave off, and to  promote the spiritual aspect of aliyah as an integral part of the process.

The website is being built over time.  Links will be filled in with information and it’s shape, focus and popularity should be, G-d willing, in full swing by 2014.